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Double Red Swim
Double Red Swim, Detail1
Double Red Swim, Detail2
Double Red Swim, Detail3
Imminent, Detail1
Imminent, Detail2
Eyes of Egyp
Eyes of Egyp, Detail1
Eyes of Egyp, Detail2
Math Facts
Math Facts, Detail1
Math Facts, Detail2
Math Facts, Detail3
New Writing Blue
New Writing Blue, Detail1
New Writing Blue, Detail2
Purple Song
Purple Song, Detail1
Purple Song, Detail2
Purple Song, Detail3
Purple Song, Detail4
Of red Roads
Of Red Roads, Detail1
Of Red Roads, Detail2
Of Red Roads, Detail3
Tandem Movement
Tandem Movement, Detail1
Tandem Movement, Detail2
Tandem Movement, Detail3
Red Lung
Red Lung, Detail1
Red Lung, Detail2
Red Lung, Detail3
Shifting Forms
Shifting Forms, Detail1
Shifting Forms, Detail2
Shifting Forms, Detail3
Shifting Forms, Detai4
Working on Language 1
Working on Language 2
Working on Language 3
Working on Language 4
Working on Language 5
Working on Language 6
Safron, Detail1
Safron, Detail2
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